Friday, 22 April 2016

2.1 Combat arms Aimbot
We're happy to announce that the new combat arms aimbot is finally availble for testing. We're giving limted players FREE |BOTS. This is a limited offer.
The aimbot consists of new features that will blow your mind... The best thing is the power over Combat arms security system that we already hacked. We use this loophole to control anything we want in the game.

#1 kicking other players;
Yes ! You heared it. This bot gives you the chance to kick any other player without even asking the rest of the team and you don't need to be an elite moderator. But wait that's not all ! The player that you've kicked is out of the room and out of the game ! You kick him to offline mode.

#2 Changing teams in the middle of the game;
Holly shit ! Yes ! This is simple. You can change teams in the middle of the game without even getting out. All you have to do is follow the instructions awe provide you and you will get it all.
Imagine the fun you will have.

#3 Killing time ;
Of course the familiar hacks that you all know. You can kill as many as you want as fast as you want. Althou I recommend that you kill them soflty hahaha. Judt don't abuse or your charachter will be banned.

#4 Getting banned;
We worked so hard on preventing the players who use our aimbot from getting banned. The only solution we found is that you change your player name every day or two depending on how agressive you play. This is something of course impossible without the AIMBOT.